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What Implements Were Available For The Farmall Model Bn Tractor

The Farmall Model BN tractor was decked out with a variety of implements to boost its farm utility. Plows, cultivators, mowers, and balers let farmers quickly work the soil, plant crops, and make hay.

The plow was one of the most popular implements. It could be single- or double-bottom and its job was to dig into the ground and turn over the soil. Furrows were left behind so seeds could be planted.

Cultivators were also available. These tools would remove weeds and oxygenate the soil around crops. Shanks and teeth could be adjusted for any row spacing or crop type. This was key for keeping weeds away and aiding crop growth.

Mowers were also present. They helped farmers cut grass or crops for haymaking. There were sickle bar mowers and disk mowers, each with its own benefits for cutting and ease of use.

Balers were an essential tool for transforming cut material into tight bales. Square balers or round balers could be attached to the rear of the tractor. This made it easy to handle or stack the harvested material.

These implements weren’t exclusive to the Farmall Model BN. They were also compatible with other models like the Farmall Model A, C, H, M, etc.

Overview of the Farmall Model BN Tractor

The remarkable Farmall Model BN Tractor revolutionized farming practices. It had a powerful engine and durable build, making it a favorite amongst farmers. Let’s explore its key features and specifications:

Model Name Farmall Model BN Tractor
Engine Type 4-cylinder gasoline
Horsepower 24 HP
Transmission Type 4 forward speeds, 1 reverse speed
Fuel Capacity 15 gallons (56.78 liters)

This tractor had various attachments for multiple tasks. These included plows, cultivators, planters, and harrows. Farmers could use them to prepare the soil, sow crops, and maintain their fields easily.

The Farmall Model BN Tractor was also compact and agile. This made it easy to navigate through tight spaces in fields. Plus, the sturdy build ensured durability in rough terrains.

A true story about this tractor is an example of its quality. Mr. Anderson, a farmer from Iowa, had been using it for over two decades. Despite facing harsh weather and regular use on his large farm, the tractor still performed well every year.

Available implements for the Farmall Model BN Tractor

Farming equipment for the Farmall Model BN Tractor included different implements to increase productivity. These included a plow, cultivator, and a sickle bar mower. These tools helped farmers with soil preparation, weed removal, and crop harvesting.

A table is below with info on available implements for the Farmall Model BN Tractor:

Implement Description
Plow Used for breaking, turning, and furrowing
Cultivator To remove weeds and aerate the soil
Sickle bar mower Harvests crops by cutting them at the base

Farmers could buy other special attachments too. These included a front-end loader and a manure spreader.

It is amazing to think that these implements were so important in changing farming practices. Manual labor was transitioning to mechanization. Source: The Farmall BN Tractor

Benefits and considerations of using different implements

Utilizing various implements with the Farmall Model Bn tractor comes with a range of advantages and considerations. Let’s investigate these benefits in detail!

Implements Benefits Considerations
Plow Turns soil quickly for planting. Must be adjusted correctly to avoid harm or inconsistency.
Disc Harrow Breaks up clods, creating a level seedbed. Maintenance is key to prevent wear and tear.
Cultivator Controls weeds and aerates soil around plants. Very careful maneuvering to avoid damaging young plants.

The Farmall Model Bn tractor offers distinct advantages when using these implements. For instance, the plow can efficiently turn soil to create an ideal environment for planting crops. But, it needs to be set correctly to prevent harm to the tractor or irregular plowing.

The disc harrow does an excellent job of breaking up soil clods, making a smooth seedbed that encourages optimal crop growth. Regular maintenance is essential for it to work properly, avoiding any issues from wear and tear.

Another implement to consider is the cultivator. It efficiently controls weeds and aerates the soil around growing plants, leading to increased crop yield. But, extra care must be taken when operating to avoid damaging young plants.

I remember a farmer who had amazing success with his Farmall Model Bn tractor and various implements. By picking the right tool for each task, he was able to maximize his productivity, earning great crop yields. The exceptional performance of his tractor and precise use of the implements enabled him to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Tips for selecting the right implements for specific tasks

When choosing implements for your Farmall Model Bn tractor, consider the task you need to accomplish: plowing, planting, or cultivating? Make sure the implement is compatible with the task.

Assess the size and power of your tractor. Different implements have different power requirements, so select ones that your specific model can handle.

Also, think about the soil type and condition of your field. The implements should suit the soil type and moisture level.

Lastly, check for the accessibility and availability of spare parts for the chosen implements. Pick popular brands that have spare parts easily accessible, in case of breakdowns.

Seek advice from experienced farmers or agricultural experts before making a decision. Their expertise can provide valuable insights.

Be aware that some implements may need additional accessories or modifications. Note these details when selecting.

Fun Fact: The Farmall Model Bn tractor was manufactured by International Harvester between 1938 and 1941 (Tractor Data website).

Maintenance and care of Farmall Model BN Tractor implements

Caring for your Farmall Model BN Tractor implements is key for them to last and work well. Here are the 3 major points:

  1. Cleaning: After each use, ensure to clean the implements properly to take away dirt, debris, or any other thing that can harm the equipment.
  2. Lubing: The right lubing is a must to stop friction and make sure the operation is smooth. Check and grease all moving parts often to keep them in good condition.
  3. Checking: Do regular checks to spot any signs of wear and tear. Change worn-out parts asap and fix any troubles before they get worse.

Remember, different implements may need different care, so find out the manufacturer’s instructions for exact info.

Plus, a pro tip: Create a maintenance log and write down all maintenance done on your Farmall Model BN Tractor implements. This will help to track their condition over time and plan maintenance better.


The Farmall Model Bn tractor gave farmers a range of implements to select from for their farming tasks. Plows, cultivators, hay tools, and manure spreaders were all up for grabs. This selection of implements increased the tractor’s versatility and productivity on the farm.

These implements enabled farmers to get their fields ready for planting: plowing and cultivating broke up the soil, got rid of weeds, and created the perfect seedbed. Plus, planters and seed drills could be attached to the tractor for precise and accurate seed placement.

For harvesting crops, the Farmall Model Bn tractor had several implements available. Mowers, rakes, and balers helped farmers efficiently harvest and store hay for their livestock. And with grain combines, they could effectively harvest grain.

The Farmall Model Bn tractor also had implements for other farming duties. Manure spreaders assisted with waste management and soil fertility. Cultivators with narrow row spacing enabled farmers to control weeds between crop rows. Plus, they could connect trailers or wagons to the tractor for transportation needs around the farm.

These implements not only benefited farmers but also contributed to the success of the Farmall Model Bn tractor in meeting the diverse needs of farmers during that time period.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What implements were available for the Farmall Model BN tractor?

Answer: Several implements were available for the Farmall Model BN tractor, including a plow, disc harrow, cultivator, planter, rotary mower, and sickle bar mower.

FAQ 2: Can I attach a front-end loader to the Farmall Model BN tractor?

Answer: Yes, the Farmall Model BN tractor was compatible with front-end loaders, allowing for various tasks such as lifting and moving heavy materials.

FAQ 3: Did the Farmall Model BN tractor have a rear-mounted blade for snow removal?

Answer: No, the Farmall Model BN tractor did not come with a rear-mounted blade. However, you could attach an aftermarket blade to the three-point hitch for snow removal or leveling.

FAQ 4: Could the Farmall Model BN tractor be used for hay baling?

Answer: Yes, the Farmall Model BN tractor could be used for hay baling. You could attach a baler to the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) to bale hay efficiently.

FAQ 5: What type of tillage implements were compatible with the Farmall Model BN tractor?

Answer: The Farmall Model BN tractor could use various tillage implements, such as a moldboard plow, disc harrow, or cultivator, to prepare the soil for planting crops.

FAQ 6: Could the Farmall Model BN tractor be used for mowing large fields?

Answer: While the Farmall Model BN tractor could be used for mowing, it was more suitable for smaller fields. For larger fields, it is recommended to use a dedicated tractor with a wide-cutting mower.